Right Recruiter

The online job search has made the task of searching for jobs relatively easy, but getting shortlisted for an open position is a tough job. When you apply for a job through online sources, your resume will be one among the hundreds of other resumes. You may have all the experience and skill sets needed for the job, but your application may not be even seen by the HR. In such a scenario, having a recruiter or a headhunter’s support will help ease your job search. learn more about the recruiter before shortlisting one as the right recruiter with well-established connections with various companies will be the best strategy for your job search suggests www.entrepreneur.com.
The next question that pops in mind is how to find that right recruiter to land a job. Here are a few things to know.

Ways to find a recruiter


Google search can throw up names of various recruitment firms based on your location and area of expertise. A few possible keywords that can be used for searching can be ‘recruitment companies’ or ‘employment agencies,’ etc. which will provide a list of recruitment firms. After selecting a few among the list that google throws up, you can also look for reviews of the recruiter you have chosen.


You can ask for guidance from your contacts, and this is the best way to find a good recruiter. LinkedIn, Facebook, college and school alumni are also a good way to get a recruitment as it has the benefit of getting valuable feedback about the recruiter.


Using LinkedIn is the most popular way of finding recruiters. You can search for firms or placement agencies and see the job postings they have after choosing the option of ‘follow’ on LinkedIn.

Online directories:

Many online directories are dedicated to search for recruitment firms based on the location and industry specialization. There are many free services also available which helps to find recruiters relevant to you.

Catch the attention of recruiters

Recruiters will look for candidates or job seekers who have a niche and current skills. LinkedIn is most commonly used by recruiters to attract candidates. So, creating an eye-catching LinkedIn profile listing all your skills, accomplishments and endorsements is the first significant step towards grabbing the attention of recruiters.
The next thing is to create a well-written resume and uploading it to various job boards as the recruiters are more likely to use them for their search of candidates.

Things to ask a recruiter

Below are a few inquiries to ask a recruiter after shortlisting some from the sources mentioned above.
The recruiter’s specialty and the type of job you are looking for is in sync
Ask the recruiter the names of client companies they are recruiting for and if they are seeking to hire with your skillset and experience.
The count of the number of candidates successfully placed by the recruiter or the firm.
The recruiter’s experience in recruiting for the industry you are looking to find jobs.
Ask for references of candidates placed, so that you can speak to them about their experience of the recruitment process.