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Top SEO Predictions Of The Year 2018


It is seen that the SEO trends are constantly evolving. SEO has undergone various changes based on the current requirement of the business world. It is critical that your business is updated based on the latest changes in the business world and the current SEO trend. You should also consider the SEO predictions of the year 2018 to improve your business. You can seek the help of agencies like Toronto SEO Agency for knowing about the latest SEO trends of the year 2018. The link would update the latest details of technical SEO.
The article below lists some of the future predictions of SEO in the year 2018.

Decrease In Organic Clicks
It is predicted that the number of organic clicks of Google would drop to nearly five percent in the year 2018. Google has evolved with latest features like snippets, instant answers, aggressive ads, etc. in the recent years. This might decrease the opportunity for SEO. But this will not be an end for SEO.

Twitter And Linkedin Rules
Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites and their facebook page would rule the Internet. It would control the traffic of other sites by reducing it. They would limit the external links and try to retain people on their website by offering the right and useful content.

Downfall Of SEO Providers
There exists a tough competition among the top SEO providers in the world offering the latest SEO services for businesses around the world. Google is working on making the Google search console more aggressive and effective. This would shutter the top SEO providers. The year 2018 is predicted to face certain casualties of the SEO providers.

Emergence Of A Competitor For Youtube
A new competitor for Youtube would emerge in the year 2018. This competitor would be a non-Google tech giant who would develop a popular online video platform just like Youtube.

Facebook Audience Network Would Emerge As Website Adtech Player
This is a network which permits publishing your business Facebook ads on your website. There was less investment for the above feature in the past. But now Facebook has decided to invest more in Facebook Audience Network and to improve the quality of the ads in the year 2018. The company would look for ways to improve the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Mobile Apps May Fade
The development of PWA’s and mobile first websites would decrease the popularity of mobile apps. Thus developing mobile apps for your business is a wrong decision in the year 2018. There may be some mobile apps that are used for downloading and can generate revenue. But the number of mobile apps would decrease gradually in the year 2018.

WordPress Would Dominate
The year 2018 would witness the dominance of WordPress among other CMS in the market. WordPress has decided to extend its investment and marketing in the year 2018. The main reason for the dominance of WordPress is that there are no right alternatives for them.

Less Free And Open Web In US
The United States is going to face various limitations in the use of the Internet in the year 2018. This is due to the latest announcement of US President Trump.

The above are the predictions of the SEO trends of the year 2018. The above predictions would be useful to update your business based on the future SEO trends.

Ways Insurance Industry Can Enhance Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Insurance

All industries are at cyber risk, and this can bring in a lot of operational risks for businesses and individuals. Companies look towards insurance industry to provide risk coverage for the cyber threats they face. In risk there is an opportunity, the need for coverage represents opportunities for insurance companies says as all businesses recognize the importance of insurance for their companies as per
Experts suggest many ideas that the insurance industry can use to improve cyber security and thereby enhance the cyber security insurance market.

Having a dedicated institute for cyber security: Experts suggest that a place should be dedicated where the incidents of cybercrime and the interaction with the insurance is studied and researched. This institute should also be a place where information needed for underwriting is investigated, and ways to reduce should be thought. It could certify people working in cyber security institute as experts. It can also be working with other institutions that can help in developing, testing, running and enhancing a multilevel set of certification programs. That would help the insurance industry have the best technology available for cyber security and helps the insurers.

IT budget: The cyber security of the company much depends on the IT spend and that significantly influences the businesses technology infrastructure. The expenditure on the IT of a company can be an influential factor in the security. Though every business recognizes safety as an essential aspect, how much money they allocate to that area differs. To efficiently fight intrusions and cyber risks many resources have to be employed at various levels and that involves money. The amount of money that businesses use on IT is not enough and should increase if they want to set things right. Companies that are considered highly secure against cyber crimes spend close to 10% of their IT budget on security. The risk of low spend on security is that you are open to hacks and malware attacks.

Training: Irrespective of the hardware and software a company possesses, the differentiator is the people working in it. If the people in the IT department are not trained, the tools and the other resources are not put to good use. There are many jobs vacant in IT security as most of them are unskilled for this work. You should always have employees operate if they are trained, and insurers should invest in training people with a good certification program.

Know about the security of the insured: Examining the security of the insured should not be a one-time activity after they have applied for their application but should be done on a continuous basis. It should be similar to the auto insurance who monitor the telematic devices. The cyber security process should be same. There is technology which can gather information and keep a note of the security of the policyholders. So the insurance company should underwrite if the insured person’s security is in place.

Many companies have been successful in avoiding hacking, the network could have been hacked, but the operations have to shut down. The businesses have to learn the strategies from companies that haven’t been hacked.

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